Saunas are an increasingly popular trend in healthy living because of their proven benefits. Steel Fitness Premier in Allentown features a sauna, and we often get questions about what it is, who should use it, and what the benefits are. We wanted to demystify sauna use and mention its benefits, so that you give it a try at our health club in Allentown.

The History of Saunas

Did you know that the first written description of a “sauna” occurred in Finland in the year 1112? Saunas were used during cold Finnish winters as a warmer dwelling option, dug out of mud, and have become a staple of Finnish culture since. Translated to “bath” or “bath house” from Finnish, saunas have also made their way to the United States at luxury resorts, spas, and health clubs.

What is a sauna?

Before you picture a warm, wet environment like a hot tub or steam room, keep in mind that saunas use dry heat. It is this dry heat that comes with distinct advantages. Traditionally, saunas are heated to between 158 to 212 degrees Fahrenheit. Depending on the sauna, humidity levels hover between 10 and 20 percent.

If you are looking for a health club with a sauna, join Steel Fitness Premier in Allentown!

Benefits of Saunas

It might seem bizarre that being in a room heated to a temperature that could roast vegetables is safe, let alone healthy. The Fins were onto something, though, and saunas have proven health benefits that have withstood the test of time.

Pain relief

Saunas increase your circulation, or blood flow, which in turn carries freshly oxygenated blood to your body. This process helps to ease muscle soreness, joint stiffness, and even improve arthritis pain. If you suffer from chronic pain or had a difficult workout at your health club, hop into the sauna to save yourself the muscle aches down the road.

Stress relief

As your body’s circulatory system wakes up, your mood also improves. Indeed, the sauna’s heat warms up your body and encourages it to move nutrients throughout your entire being. This means that your body is flooded with things it craves, so you feel satiated both physically and mentally. It might take a bit of getting used to; however, you will relax once you lay down on your towel and let the sauna take over.

Clear skin

Depending on the particular skin condition you might have, a sauna could be beneficial. Saunas dry the skin during use, so it might not be the most viable option if you already have dry skin. For those with psoriasis, however, saunas help to relieve the condition and improve skin tone.

Asthma improvements

If you have asthma or any condition that makes it harder to breathe, such as allergies and chronic sinus infections, saunas can really improve your breathing. The dry heat encourages your airways to open, phlegm to dislodge, and your body to generally relax.

As always, consult your doctor before exercise or sitting in the sauna, as it might not be the best option for your health needs. If you get the green light, come into Steel Fitness Premier and take advantage of our luxury sauna facility.

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