Ready to make a splash in your workout routine? Steel Fitness Premier is a gym with a pool in Allentown, PA, that can help you make this happen.
Health Advantages of Swimming
Water provides great resistance, which causes the body to work every muscle to stay afloat. One of the most impactful benefits of swimming is the heart rate increases with every stroke, but there is less stress on the joints of the body when compared to other cardio exercises.

Over time, swimming increases muscle strength. Together with the cardio, increased muscle strength helps the body build endurance, which leads to a healthier weight, heart, and lungs. Finally, swimming is a healthy activity for the entire body because nearly every muscle is working together to help you glide through the water from one end of the pool to the next.

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Exercise Classes

Steel Fitness Premier offers a few different aquatic exercise classes to help members get the most out of their workout in the pool.

  • Aquaticize: Like Jazzercize for the water. Move through the water in ways you didn’t even know were possible, and feel the burn of this cardio-focused class.
  • Aqua Pump: Think of pumping the iron, but in the water with waterproof weights instead. This class is more about strength building.
  • Hydrotone: Want a lean and mean muscle look? The Hydrotone class is a mixture of strength, cardio, and endurance building to help sculpt a body with a high metabolism rate and a long-lasting endurance.

Workouts On Your Own

The beauty of the pool is it is a workout lane that can be constantly changed and adapted to meet different workout goals. Whether you’re a newer swimmer who wants to train for a shorter time or an experienced fish in the water who wants to swim for hours, the pool works the same way for everyone.

Structure your workouts in a similar way as this and then adapt it to meet your specific training goals.

  1. Start with a warm-up: 50 yards minimum is a great recommendation for a warm-up to a swim workout. More advanced swimmers may want to do 200 yards to get started.
  2. Train for endurance: Long distance swims at a steady pace keep your heart rate pumping and your muscles working continuously. This level of stroke should be enough to break a sweat, but not so much that you are gasping for breath with every turn.
  3. Mix in speed training: Go for a sprint after a few hundred yards of steady laps. This addition of a high intensity burst will shock your muscles into better performance. The spike in your heart rate will fuel your muscles to keep burning calories long after you get out of the pool.
  4. Finish with a cool-down: Again, another 50 yards is a great distance for a cool-down after an intense swim workout.

Chat with our team or come in for a visit to learn more about the pool at our gym and how members get the most out of it.

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