History repeats itself.

Last year, as soon as the last school bell rang, your kid was full of energy and enthusiasm for the summer. They would read, play outside, get a job, hang out with friends, and enjoy life sans homework until August.

And then, after a few days, you started to hear them utter the dreaded phrase, “I’m bored.”

To avoid your kid hanging around the house, squandering the possibility of summer, the best thing you can do is join a gym with a pool.

Reasons to Join a Gym With a Pool for the Summer

It’s one thing to have access to a neighborhood pool, but it’s another entirely to become a member at a premier gym with an entire aquatic center at your disposal.

For parents  — especially if one child is old enough to work but another is not — becoming a member at a gym with a pool has distinct advantages.

A Safe Place to Play

At Steel Fitness Premier in Allentown, we have three separate pools in our aquatic center. Having dedicated pools for laps, activity, and therapy make our pools a lot safer and enjoyable for all guests.

Instead of worrying about your kids splashing around and disrupting someone’s aquatic workout or group therapy class, there’s an entire pool reserved for activity. Your kids can swim, play water basketball, and hangout to their heart’s content under lifeguard supervision.

While, of course, we want to maintain a health club atmosphere for all of our guests, our three pools help to meet the needs of our various gym members.

Activities For You

While they play in the pool, you can swim laps or take a group class such as water aerobics or aqua Zumba. Just check out our activity pool schedule to find a class that works with your routine.

We also have amazing whirlpool and sauna facilities, so you can relax even as your kids get out their energy in the pool.

This means that you aren’t just playing the role of chauffeur. You can drive your kids with you to the gym instead of dropping them off at numerous individual activities.

Encouraging a Healthy Lifestyle

Getting your kids into the routine of going to the gym or pool is the start of long-term health. Especially for a kid who only wants to play video games, it is more important than ever to ensure that they are getting exercise at least a few times per week.

Because our gym is family-friendly, your child will also have the opportunity to meet other children his or her age.

If your kid isn’t into swimming as much as other activities, being a member at a gym means you also have access to other youth camps and fitness training! No matter what activity your kid chooses to do, they’re in an environment dedicated to health.


Steel Fitness Premier also holds annual lifeguarding classes, so your older child can have an opportunity to become certified and eventually get a summer job as a lifeguard.

Having a summer job at a gym not only promotes responsibility, but it also means your teenager is surrounded by positive, health influences.

To learn more or register for our spring lifeguarding classes at Steel Fitness Premier in Allentown, email mseip@sfpremierhw.com for details.

Steel Fitness Premier

As a health and wellness club in Allentown, our facility includes an indoor track, childcare, locker rooms, towel service, sauna, whirlpool, state-of-the-art fitness center, and, of course, our three aquatic pools.

Join Steel Fitness Premier today for a gym with a pool in Allentown.

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