Exercise can be extremely difficult, if not impossible, when you have chronic pain, post-operational needs, or joint issues such as arthritis. For a healthy lifestyle, experts tell us that exercise is a non-negotiable. So what do you do when you know you need to exercise, but traditional forms of working out don’t work out for you? The research shows that you should take aquatic classes geared toward rehabilitation and low-impact exercise.

What is a therapy pool?

A therapy pool is an aquatic pool specifically built for rehabilitation needs and low-impact exercise. Unlike a lap pool or recreational aquatic center where there are kids cannonballing and splashing everyone in the vicinity, therapy pools are focused on rehabilitation.

At Steel Fitness Premier, our therapy pool is heated and includes a step and automatic lift entry to ensure it is accessible for anyone who wishes to use it. The heat also encourages muscle relaxation, stress relief, and reduced aches and pain.

Who can benefit from a therapy pool?

While anyone truly can enjoy a therapy pool — it’s like a giant, hot bath — they are really geared toward individuals who might have joint pain, differing levels of physical mobility, and need low-impact exercise for any other reason.

As a gym with a pool in Allentown, we have found that these types of people reap the most benefit from therapy pools:

  • Seniors: Getting old usually means getting a bit achier, and the impact of exercises like running or even yoga puts undue stress on our joints and muscles. Because of the heat and easy-access of our pools, seniors can easily get into the water and do whatever exercise they’d like.
  • People with joint issues: Whether it is bone-on-bone arthritis or a full hip replacement, joint pain makes working out extremely painful, not to mention potentially harmful. The heat of our therapy pool is perfect to reduce the inflammation that comes with joint point and allows you to workout with mobility. Steel Fitness Premier even offers Aqua Arthritis as an aquatic fitness class, so you know you can get a workout created with your joints in mind.
  • Surgery Rehabilitation: If you have had surgery, you know how painful the recovery process can be. You need to do exercises to restore range-of-motion, but that location of your body has lost tremendous strength. Aquatic exercises, if your doctors recommends them, help your body to regain range-of-motion while also shielding it from high-impact fitness.

What classes can you take in a therapy pool?

The range of offerings for our aquatic exercises might surprise you — we offer at least five different types of exercise classes per week in our therapy pool, each catered toward different aquatic exercises. Each class is taught by a member of our staff who specializes in aquatic exercise and rehabilitation. They make classes fun and provide modifications you might need for a safe workout.

Examples of aquatic classes include:

  • Aqua Arthritis
  • Pi-Yo-Chi (a combination of pilates, yoga, and Thai Chi)
  • Aqua Therapy (private lessons available)
  • Swim Lessons

Either before or after your aquatic therapy class, we also recommend that you relax in our whirlpool or sauna. Taking this time to relax allows your body to either prepare for exercise or reap the most benefit out of the class you just took. Your muscles can release, your mind can let go, and you can sweat out a few toxins while you’re at it.

Aquatic Centers in Allentown

Steel Fitness Premier is a gym with a pool in Allentown, PA because we know how important aquatic centers can be to overall health. In fact, we’re a gym with three pools for this very reason. We strive to make our gym facility accessible to anyone, so we have a lap pool, activity pool, and therapy pool to meet the different physical needs of our clients.

Our therapy pool in particular is unique for a local gym, as it provides an oasis for those who want low-impact exercise. If you want more active aquatic exercise, check out our blog post on the benefits of swimming as a full-body workout.

As a member at Steel Fitness Premier, you have access to all of these aquatic classes in addition to our other gym facilities. If you are interested in joining, chat with our team at Steel Fitness Premier or come by today and check out our aquatic center for yourself.

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