Energizing Group Fitness Classes in Allentown, PA




Our health club in Allentown offers 4 private studios away from the main gym floor with top notch equipment to maximize your workout.

With over 120 weekly instructor-led group exercise classes, you are guaranteed to stay energized through movements and classes that guarantee you’ll meet your fitness goals. Having a group exercise plan in place is a terrific way to stay motivated and inspired throughout your fitness journey.

Group exercise classes we offer include Spinning, Zumba, Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi, Boxing, and much more!

Looking for more of a private group setting? We have you covered! Steel Fitness Premier is proud to offer small group training with classes up to 8 participants. Get more information and start your fitness journey today by calling (484) 268-1430.

Also check out classes at our Riverport Location!
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