Congrats, Mom! You’re successfully raising a new human and are thinking of getting back into a workout routine.

Though you may be feeling better after just a few weeks, remember to wait at least six weeks before resuming typical physical activity. We know how hard it can be just to walk in the days and weeks following the birth of your baby. Don’t rush good health. The gym will always be here for you when you’re ready.

As with everything now, your baby comes first. That’s why Steel Fitness Premier offers childcare in our gym so you can have the best of both worlds. Infants as young as 12 weeks are welcome in our center, and older children up to 12 years can come too.

Once you drop off your baby at Kidz in Motion, you can start your workout.

Unless you’re an avid gym rat, you may want to kick off your “New Mom Bod” workout routine with group exercise classes. These are motivational, fun, and structured, so you can get the most out of your time in the gym.

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Aquatic Classes

A great place to start working out after the baby is born is in the pool. The water provides both buoyancy and resistance, so your body can ease into its natural function without too much stress. Steel Fitness Premier has a pool for members to use. We offer classes like Aquaticize, Aqua Pump, Hydrotone, and more.

Cardio Classes

Your body is naturally burning more calories now that the baby is born than while you were pregnant. This is especially true if you are breast feeding. This is extremely helpful when you’re trying to lose that extra baby weight, but a cardio class can really help you lose some pounds.

Remember how you could only waddle around at a slower than ideal pace toward the end of your pregnancy? Remember how great it feels to be light on your feet and to move fast enough to get your heart racing and sweat pouring? Cardio classes are just right for this feeling.

Now that your core muscles are pieced back together, you can quickly pick up where you left off in classes like zumba, spinning, boxing, and more!

More Exercise Classes

The recurring theme here for new moms is taking advantage of the body you have back now that you’re done renting it out to your child. There are tons of group exercise classes at Steel Fitness Premier that can help you tone, strengthen, and stretch everything back into its normal position — or at least close enough!

Enjoy classes like yoga to reset your mind after a particularly long night with the little one.

Try pilates to increase your flexibility, something that will be quite important once your kiddo is mobile.

Our team at Steel Fitness Premier is here for you as you reach your fitness goals after having a baby.

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