In another blog post from Steel Fitness Premier, we focused on exercises to do after a baby is born. Now, we want to rewind and look at the exercises that expecting mothers can perform as they are pregnant. Of course, nobody should exercise without the consent of a medical professional; however, for those pregnant women who are able to exercise, there are fitness options that especially support pregnancy health.

If your body feels up for it and your doctor says it is okay, you could decide to run a 100-mile ultra marathon at altitude if you really wanted. However, it is more likely that your body is craving more moderate, nurturing exercise as a result of pregnancy hormones like Oxytocin and general health concerns.

Gym Exercises for Pregnant Women

Rather than working out at a boutique fitness studio that might only offer one type of exercise, it is much better to diversify your exercises at a gym that caters to different fitness needs. Look for a gym with a pool specifically, so that you can maximize the health benefits of aquatic exercise for pregnant women. We have compiled exercise ideas with the specific needs and desire of pregnant women in mind. Read more to get ideas on staying healthy while pregnant!

Aquatic Exercise Classes

Aquatic fitness classes are an incredible option for pregnant women because you do not really need to worry about tripping, overheating, falling, or otherwise injuring yourself or your baby. Plus, the buoyant water provides a low-impact exercise environment that can soothe your muscles, take some weight off your feet, and encourage relaxation.

Steel Fitness Premier in Allentown has three pools in our aquatic facility, including a heated therapy pool for aquatic fitness classes. We have ramps and lifts for easy access into the pool, so you can even further minimize the chance of slipping while you exercise. Try out our water aerobics classes and look at our aquatic fitness schedule to find the best class for you.

Yoga and Pilates Group Exercise Classes

Yoga classes are a favorite for pregnant women because they can be easily modified. Especially if you are after your first trimester, you want to avoid laying on your back or stomach for prolonged periods of time. During a yoga class at the gym, use blocks or bolsters to support you as you lay on your side instead.

Additionally, yoga classes are like the ultimate Lamaze technique classes because they promote relaxation and force you to focus on your breath. You can calm your nervous system in a yoga class just by breathing deeply, and you can do the same thing as you prepare to give birth.

Similarly to yoga, pilates offers a supportive and safe exercise environment. You can maintain your core strength, stretch tight muscles, and minimize the back pain you might feel during pregnancy.

Fitness Center Activities


In addition to aquatic and group exercise classes, you can also take advantage of machines in your gym’s regular fitness center. We recommend walking on a treadmill, as you can control overheating and stay focused on your breath. Plus, walking reduces your chances of stumbling over your feet on the treadmill.

Stationary Bikes

Recumbent bikes, like we offer in our fitness center, come with built-in back support, so you can exercise without straining your back. In your first two trimesters, biking is a great fitness option because your belly does not yet get in the way and you can push yourself as much or little as your body wants.

Steel Fitness Premier in Allentown

At Steel Fitness Premier in Allentown, we pride ourselves as being an inclusive gym environment for anyone who wants to work out and reach their fitness goals. We specifically considered parents and parents-to-be when it comes to our facilities, as we feature onsite childcare for children from 12 weeks to 12 years of age, relaxation areas with saunas and whirlpools, and kids fitness camps.

Members at Steel Fitness Premier have access to our fitness facilities, including our three pools, locker rooms and saunas, and all of our exercise class options. If you want to stay healthy and active during your pregnancy, see how Steel Fitness Premier in Allentown can support your goals!

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