If you’ve felt like you’ve fallen into the doldrums with your workout routine, you might want something new to refresh your fitness pursuits. Today, we’re going to talk about some of the reasons why we think group exercise classes are the cure to your workout boredom. If you’re looking for a group exercise class in Allentown, check out Steel Fitness Premier! We’ve got a variety of classes for you to choose from, with options like yoga and kickboxing and everything in between.


Something that can be difficult for people to come up with when they’re looking to get in shape is exactly which exercises are the best for their goals. Sure, you can look it up online, but you’ll get a lot of conflicting information, with some people favoring certain workouts over others. When you choose a group exercise class, you have the structure of a curated workout that is suited to your needs. That means when you go into the class, you won’t have to struggle with what you need to do next, because it will all be laid out for you. Having a structure in place can help many people avoid the frustration that can come up when you’re not sure what to do.


It has often been said that doing an exercise with improper form is worse than not doing the exercise at all. That’s because when you don’t have proper form, you put your body at risk of injury while you don’t actually work out the muscles correctly. That means you won’t receive the benefit you’re looking for at all. In a group exercise class, you’ll be working with a qualified instructor who can show you exactly how to perform each exercise correctly, which allows you to get the most out of your effort while fending off potential injuries.


If you exercise on your own, it can be easy to make excuses to get out of your routine. When you go to a group class, you build a camaraderie with your fellow classmates that can provide a much-needed sense of accountability. This builds an investment between the people in the class, as everyone wants each other to succeed. Additionally, the instructor will be invested in your progress, which acts as another source of accountability.


When you’ve been working out individually for a while, you can get stuck in a rut of doing the same exercises every time you hit the gym. This can make the whole venture quite boring. With the wide variety of different types of group exercise classes offered, you can switch it up when you start to feel that boredom creeping in. This also gives you a good chance to try something new out without making a full commitment. Try out a class, see how it feels, and move on to a different one if you’re not enjoying it. Variety is also incredibly valuable to create muscle confusion, which is something that boosts your metabolism while increasing your ability to make progress.


Something that acts as an extension to the accountability provided by a group class is the motivation you can get. Not only do you have someone rooting you on in your instructor, you also have a group of people surrounding you with similar goals. That can help you keep pushing when you might lose your drive. Many people also find they get a boost to their motivation when they’re cheering someone else on, so it creates a community of everyone going through the same exercises, the same aches, and same struggles together. If you’ve struggled with staying motivated, a group class might be exactly what you need.


Just because the word “work” is in workout, doesn’t mean it has to feel like work. Group exercise classes are inherently social situations, with everyone exercising together, laughing and talking the whole way through. All of this is set to fun and upbeat music that will keep you energized and engaged, making for a very fun experience. If you’ve felt like your workout routine is more like a job than a fun hobby, try out a group class and see how you like it. We think you’ll have a blast!

Fitness is something that takes a lot of work, but you don’t have to go it alone. Whether you’ve felt unmotivated or bored, try something new with a group exercise class at Steel Fitness Premier in Allentown. Whether you want to go for a relaxed and meditative yoga class or a high-intensity kickboxing class, we’ve got something everyone can enjoy. Call us today to learn about our free three-day pass so you can try it out yourself!


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