American Red Cross Lifeguarding and Recertification Courses

Steel Fitness Premier is proud to announce the Red Cross Course schedule. The courses are available to both SFP members and
non-members. The sessions will check-in at the SFP Front Desk. The front desk will direct you to the
location of the session.

Click below to learn more and for upcoming dates!

2021 Red Cross Lifeguarding and Recertification Courses

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*Any questions should be directed to Mike Seip at

Family Swim


Members can bring their families every Saturday from 3pm-5pm for Family Swim! This is a great time for our SFP families to enjoy our activity pool together.


Member’s guests will be required to pay a drop-in fee.

Intro to the Fit Floor

Join us for a FREE information session that will provide YOU with tools to safely use the weight machines and cardio equipment!


  • Learn how to SAFELY use the machines
  • Connect to app to track your PROGRESS
  • Learn more about different pre-programmed workouts
  • Learn how to connect your bluetooth, watch Netflix, & more on our machines!
  • General overview on weight machines & plate loaded weight equipment
  • Overview of TRX and NEW toys on Fit Floor Turf area (Sand Bags, Aqua Bags, BOSU, & more!)
  • New tools to add to your fitness ROUTINE


May 6 @ 5:30pm

May 12 @ 10:30am

May 20 @ 5:30pm

May 26 @ 10:30am

May 29 @ 10:00am

Members and guests welcome! 

Please Check-In at the Front Desk upon arrival.