Please review this FAQ sheet for answers to most questions related to COVID-19, your member account, club improvements, and more.

Please Note: Beginning June 26 we are open as Lehigh county has transitioned into the green phase of reopening. At this time we are experiencing high volume of inquiries. We will be returning messages within 3 business days for the time being. 

Thank you for your patience during this difficult time. Please be sure to check your email and follow us on social media for updates.


ATTENTION: The Fit Floor will be closed beginning the week of the 24th due to maintenance. The expected re-opening date is Thursday, September 3.  During this time the studios and track will remain open.


What safety precautions are being taken at this time?

  • All members are required to wear a face covering while entering, walking throughout the club, and in common areas. 
  • We ask that members and visitors practice social distancing and follow the markings in the studios. 
  • Members are required to clean equipment before and after use. Extra sanitation will be completed by our team in shifts throughout the day. 
  • Our pools and classes are available to members, but at this time we are temporarily working at a limited capacity to ensure we do not overfill spaces.
  • We will be continuing with our current adjusted hours. Club hours are: M-F: 5am – 8:30pm and S,S: 7am – 5pm.

Please refer to the following email for more details regarding safety guidelines: SAFETY GUIDELINES


Am I required to wear a mask while working out?

According to Governor Wolf’s current Order, everyone must wear a face covering unless they fall under the exception listed in Section 3 of the Order.


How crowded are the group exercise studios?

Our studios can allow a full sized class to fit comfortably at a 6ft distance from one another. We are asking that members sign up for their class prior to the class starting so that we are able to monitor the number of people entering our studios. 

Studio 1: 25 participants

Studio 2: 23 participants

Studio 3: 25 participants

Please see our schedule to reserve classes for the time being and keep a look out for updates on group exercise and possible changes to classes and/or instructors.


How do I sign up for classes?

We encourage all participants to support their instructors’ success by signing up for classes in advance. To sign up for classes you will be required to create a member portal account. To create your account click here. 

If you are an active member, once you create an account you will be able to sign in to book your classes. You can also do this by visiting our group exercise calendar, select the class you would like to take, sign in to your account when prompted, then complete your booking.

If you are an inactive member, you will be required to pay a fee in order to sign up for classes. Please click here and select the pay per class option. Once you complete the registration you will be able to sign up for your desired class. You will have to do this for each class you wish to take.


Are we going to be billed July 1st, 2020?

Yes. The club is open so billing resumes as normal. See the below question related to freezing your account if additional time is needed; however if you have not frozen your account yet,  you will be billed for July and you will not be billed in the month you return. The credit will be applied.


When is the Annual Maintenance Fee billed this summer?

The annual maintenance fee is usually billed for most members on June 15. We sent notice via email on June 15 that this fee would be moved to July 15 and is $30. All members are billed this fee once per year, and it covers the entire year. The fee will be waived for members who are set to cancel on 7/31/2020.


Is my Personal Training membership on hold?

Please contact your personal trainer regarding your training sessions & billing if they have not already spoken with you. They will communicate with us directly based on your needs for July. We expect to be open in July, so if we don’t hear differently, your training will be billed normally. If you do not have your trainer’s contract information or need additional assistance, please reach out to Deanna at datkinson@sfpremierhw.com.


I do a special program like Tribe, Animal Flow, or Tai Chi. What happens to my sessions?

These sessions will all be made up upon your return. You will not lose sessions. Class packages are non-refundable.


Should I freeze or cancel my membership?

If you have already requested a freeze on your account, those account changes were made up until we opened and had to submit our July billing. If you need to freeze for additional time after we reopen, please contact us or send us a message at info@sfpremierhw.com if you haven’t already. The credit from July will be applied to the month you return, and you will have no monthly payment at that time instead.

Please note that all account freezes are charged a $20/month.

If you wish to unfreeze your account before your scheduled unfreeze date, you must contact ABCFinancial at 1-888-827-9262.

If you wish to cancel your account, you must follow normal cancellation procedures. Cancellations must be signed in person in the club. If a physical signature is not possible, please send certified letter with your cancellation request per your contract. Either of these options are a requirement so that both parties have proof of the terminated contract. Cancellation and change in billing will then become effective on the last day of the month following the month of receipt. You will have one final payment. If you are in a 1-year contract, you will be subject to a $150 early termination fee.

Cancels submitted from March through the closure will have one final payment processed for the month of July.

If you wish to freeze or cancel your membership, please email info@sfpremierhw.com, and your account will be updated accordingly.

How does the closure affect my 1-Year Commitment membership?

If you are still within the term of your 12-month contract, your contract term is extended by the time that we were closed. All contracts were automatically frozen due to the mandatory shut-down.

How does the closure affect my Paid-in-Full membership?

Our paid-in-full memberships will not lose any time during our short-term closure. At the time of your renewal, a letter will be mailed to your address on file with the different options we have set in place. If your address needs to be updated, please contact our club


We hope this helps during this time. We miss everyone very much!

Please send any additional requests to info@sfpremierhw.com to log your inquiry with us. Please allow us time to process, as we do not have the staff in the club able to access our member database at this time.