Join One of Our Water Aerobics Classes in Allentown

There are so many benefits to doing your workout in the water! Gym members who join in one of our water aerobics classes will enjoy a low impact workout that is safe for their joints, while the warm waters provide them with natural resistance that helps build their muscles. You’ll love moving in the water as instructors guide you through a series of movements design to stretch your muscles, build your strength, and elevate your heart rate. Choose from Aqua Zumba, swimming lessons, Aquaticize, and more! These classes are included in your Steel Fitness Premier membership. You can also sign up for a free 3-day pass and try them out before you decide to become a member!

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    Membership hours are as follows: Mon-Thurs 9a - 7p Fri - Sun 9a - 5p

    Trial passes are for local guests and may be used once per calendar year. After your trial pass, you may purchase a daily guest pass for $17 per day.
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